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Most burglars will choose to enter your home or business premises using doors and windows. The easiest way to burglar proof those entrances is by installing strong burglar bars, usually constructed from steel. External burglar bars, also called Spanish burglar bars, protect the window from the outside and the steel frame is bolted to the outside of the wall. However, unless you intend the external burglar bars to also serve a decorative purpose, they can ruin the looks of your house so in this case you may rather look at internal burglar bars

Most burglars look for easy opportunities, and if your premises seem secure and sufficiently burglar proofed they will move on the next building. So visible spanish burglar bars on the outside of the building is an bold sign you are serious about burglar proofing the building.


  • 25x5mm Flat Bar top and bottom frame per burglar bar installation
  • 12x12mm square bar inserts welded onto the flat bar frames
  • All spanish burglar bars are bolted onto the outside wall with 10mm tamper proof knocking nails for maximum security
  • The external burglar bars are coated with a strong, durable, attractive and fade resistant powder coat finish that will enhance the look of your home or office. We have 6 standard colours: white, black, cream, bronze, antique silver and moss green
  • If you want a special colour to blend in with your environment we can mix QD Enamel and spray paint the doors


  • All burglar bars can be fitted with a “Fire-Escape Hatch”
  • The fire-escape hatch is fitted with its own frame and 2 x heavy duty brass pin hinges inside the frame of the burglar bars
  • The fire-escape hatch is fitted with a Big Ultra Lock (dead bolt) locking mechanism for maximum security and burglar proofing
External (spanish) burglar bars fitted to the outside of the window frame

Burglar bars in the form of Spanish burglar bars